a word that you use when you want to change an answer mid-sentence
by no homo sapien May 23, 2018
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When you wanna say but you really mean no but like sometimes mean yes, so you're unsure as to what to say
Guy #1: So you had sex with that man yesterday ?

Guy #2: Nah man she hit me with a Yesn't and I didnt want to get charged with rape.
by Black_Santa June 18, 2018
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The word for no, you got was and wasn't, do and don't and now yes and yesn't. Now while it does mean "yes not", it still means the exact same thing as no and makes more sense.
Kyler: Did you take the book, Yes or Yesn't

Micah: What does Yesn't mean? It sounds stupid.

Kyler: It means no, it makes more sense.

Micah: No it doesn't.

Kyler: Yes it does, and you should say Yesn't!
by Bumbo Walrusoni January 16, 2021
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Yesn't is the new No. Yesn't means No. Yesn't means Yesn't.
I have yesn't idea what's going on.
by NicholasLAranda May 18, 2018
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