Contrary to popular beleif the term 'yer ma' doesn't actually originate in Scotland. It has been used by many 'spides' or 'steeks' in the beautiful county of Northern Ireland for many many years. As stated above, it is used in a vulgar way when in an argument, when the spide/steek can't think of anything else to say.
Generally it is used to imply that that the spide/steek has had sexual relations with one's mother... but it is usually not the case, since most spides/steeks couldn't get laid if they tried.
"I had yer ma last neet so ah did!"
by Gareth January 9, 2004
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spide slag for when they can't think of anything else to say better than it
"yer ma luvs it"
"yer ma luvs the beef"
"yer ma wasnt sayin that last neet"
"Lest neet, I wiz ebsalutely balleexed"
by yourmalovesitupthearse May 5, 2005
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"yer ma" is a generic response when you can't think of anything else to say. Mostly used in Scotland, and by yer ma (see...)
"What are you doing?" "yer ma"
"Fancy a drink?" "No, I fancy yer ma"
by yer ma (obviously) January 1, 2005
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A crappy inslut that has been said to me 100's of thimes when I clamp chavs and they have nothing to say. Chavs are the scum of Scotland, neigh...the WORLD!
chav-"Oi you, you're a pure mental gofic sweaty arent u?"
me-"Your a pure mental annoying little chav arent you?"
chav"...Uhhhhhh...well...So's yer ma!"
by kimran November 30, 2003
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A comeback Insult used by High school Kids in Scotland.
by numpty October 6, 2003
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All of these definition's say its either from Scotland or Northern Ireland but thats bullshit its from Dublin.
"Yer Ma" Is a phrase used as a comeback to ANYTHING.
It can be a part of a long insult(Ex.1) or just used as itself.(Ex. 2)
Person 1: Your a little virgin , fuck off.
Person 2: Thats not what yer ma was saying last night.

Person 1: Yer Ma.
Person 2: No YOUR MA!
by JordanakaJdogg4 November 20, 2011
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Just something you say if yoou are annoyed at someone and want to hurt them
Yer ma is gay
So's your ma
by Lewis ho April 26, 2006
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