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Contrary to popular beleif the term 'yer ma' doesn't actually originate in Scotland. It has been used by many 'spides' or 'steeks' in the beautiful county of Northern Ireland for many many years. As stated above, it is used in a vulgar way when in an argument, when the spide/steek can't think of anything else to say.
Generally it is used to imply that that the spide/steek has had sexual relations with one's mother... but it is usually not the case, since most spides/steeks couldn't get laid if they tried.
"I had yer ma last neet so ah did!"
by Gareth January 09, 2004
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spide slag for when they can't think of anything else to say better than it
"yer ma luvs it"
"yer ma luvs the beef"
"yer ma wasnt sayin that last neet"
"Lest neet, I wiz ebsalutely balleexed"
by yourmalovesitupthearse May 05, 2005
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Your mother: (East coast Scotland or Irish spelling)Default insult in a slagging contest. Primarily used when all other insults available have been exhausted. Statement to falsify outrageous claims made by a certain individual or party. Also see Yer Maw!
Ross: "I banged Kylie Minogue last night so I did!"
Ally: "YER MA!"
by Mr f gibble September 20, 2015
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Yerma ('Barren') is a tragic play by the Spanish playwright and poet Federico García Lorca. It was written in 1934, and first performed the same year.

The play tells the story of a childless woman living in rural Spain. Her desperate desire for motherhood becomes an obsession that eventually drives her to commit a horrific crime. This desperation is produced by the social norms of her culture, and the work functions as a critique of those mores.

Yerma is one of the three tragic plays which form Lorca's famous 'Rural trilogy'. The others being Bodas de sangre ('Blood Wedding') and La Casa de Bernarda Alba ('The House of Bernarda Alba'). The trilogy similarly emphasise the submissive position of women who desire freedom in a traditional society which denies them social or sexual equality.

Yerma deals with the themes of isolation, passion and frustration. Social conventions of the period also play a large part in the play's plot.

Yerma is a very well written play which shows to a full extent the moral values of all characters.

Yerma accounts for the status of the main character in the play, unable to produce any offspring.
by Pipo Castro August 22, 2006
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"Yer ma" is used by people in Northern Ireland or norn iron as an insult to someone.

Bob "Hey doing anything tonight?"

Eoin "I'm doin yer ma!"

Bob "Shut up here tell yer ma that my names Bob not Harder cause thats what she was screaming to me last night!"
by nang nang April 15, 2008
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wen ppl hav nothin better 2 offend ppl, they refer 2 'yer ma' meaning your mam, they are trying to say they have shagged her basically
george:your crap at singing!
freddy: yer ma's crap! (aka : in bed)
by geordie March 10, 2005
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"yer ma" is a generic response when you can't think of anything else to say. Mostly used in Scotland, and by yer ma (see...)
"What are you doing?" "yer ma"
"Fancy a drink?" "No, I fancy yer ma"
by yer ma (obviously) January 01, 2005
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