the wasps that fly around garbage, follow you around and buzz in your face for at least 5 minutes, fly into your car window and make you almost shit yorself, and sting you just for fun because theyre assholes. these fuckers are nasty, and look orange at a distance and hover in circles around wherever they are, and if you get near them, they will fuck with you until you can wave them off without getting stung. they also like flying into peoples houses. fortunately, they are easier to kill than flies, but are still annoying as hell, and can even be scary, especially when youre driving a car, and they fly into your window and start flying around in front of your face or land on your junk, recipies for disaster.
there was a giant wreck tying up traffic on the highway. some dude had his window open. a yellow jacket flew in, and stung the guy in the face, then he slammed into another car, and ther traffic behind them piled up and nailed them.
by stangorino281 September 23, 2012
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Two day aged sex brusies on arms, neck and/or upper torso
OMG, what happened to your arms?! It's my yellow jacket, to be worn like a badge of honor! Tom came over and he is a biter
by SG0303 June 08, 2011
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A person of half asian, half european decent
dude heather is a "Yellow Jacket", her mom is white and her dad is japanese
by !@N November 26, 2008
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Those pesky employees at a ski resort that revoke your pass for going too fast. Aka fun police.
I was zooming down that groomer, but was nabbed by them Yellow Jackets and now I can't board for two weeks.
by Divinekindofguy February 05, 2015
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