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A measurement of length of a piece of writing, particularly when indicating a length excessive for the genre. A Yegge is approximately 4000 words or 25 kilobytes.

Named for well known programmer and technical blogger Steve Yegge, whose blog up to about 2009 was notorious for entries of approximately 1 or 2 Yegges in length, vastly exceeding the typical length of blog entries in the genre.
"I knew breaking up with him was a good idea after I got an email two Yegges long listing all the reasons why I should take him back."
by Puzzlement November 07, 2011
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To send on an email or post something to a social website that could mean career suicide, including the ten second period immediately following where you look in vain for a way to unsend and hope beyond reason that nobody will notice what you wrote.

Named after Steve Yegge, the Google engineer who publicly flamed his management and coworkers in other departments because he posted a long-winded rant to his public circle on Google+.
"You should have seen the look on Steve's face over in his cubicle... He totally yegge'd a 1,000 page diatribe against Larry, Sergey, and another department's engineers to his public circle on Google+."
by TheFahrvergnugen October 22, 2011
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one who takes pleasure in cruel battles of spite, burgles anything and everything, can't help but eat his burger, enjoys the occasional wedgy or melvin, and reeks of rotten eggs.
"That yegge kid is the biggest turd burgler I know."
by Sara December 16, 2004
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buy the domain for your diy vlog
bryan is a great example not to be confused with the other BRIAN
by bryan March 29, 2005
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