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1. The final year of primary school
2. Kids aged 10-11
Year 6 will either be your best or your worst year. You will definatley have more responsible ability
Year 6 teachers will try to prepare their students for secondary school by making the work harder and having stricter class rules. Not to mention the dreaded S.A.Ts tests.
It gets better towards the end of the year though. You will have your end of year leavers performace, leavers trip and much more to look forward to. Warning: The leavers assembly at the end of the year will possibly be emotional asf
Start of the year:
Teacher: Ok class so today we will be having a look at some secondary school work to prepare for secondary school. If you have anytime at the end left check back on your work

End of the year:
Teacher: Ok class today we will be rehearsing our end of year 6 leavers performance and if we have any time left at the end you can do whatever you like
by CJP0133 July 29, 2017
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Person one: Yo dude, I dropped out of hell
Person two: you what now m8
Person one: hell is equivalent to year 6. Same as all the years in school.
by RealItalianGirl May 21, 2018
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Little shits that think they’re all that just because they’re going into secondary school soon. They tend to be just like year 7’s. They also tend to try to pick on year 8’s and up yet most people love year 6’s because of how “tiny and cute” they are.
Person 1: I hate year 6’s. They really piss me off.
Person 2: You can’t hate someone that tiny and cute!
by sausage and chips July 13, 2019
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No offence but they are a bunch of Apricot of a human-being who are way full of themselves.
Damn those year 6 kids are being gay again what a surprise
by Chonky Meme 123 June 04, 2020
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