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a level of retardation that only plays fortnite. They think it’s cool to dance like in fortnite as well. Conclusion, if your child is like this, burn them before they kill you with a nerf gun.
Me:you have a 6 year old son
Friend: yea, he killed my wife with a pickaxe.
by Killme127 October 21, 2019

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4Chan but better. Also how is this not blocked in schools
Oh great coolmathgames is blocked but Urban Dictionary is not
by Killme127 October 17, 2019

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A synonym for pog, fantastic, poggers, pog champ, big hot steamy throbbing cock, epic
Man: Wow Maddie you're looking quite bimtastic and poggers today
Maddie: I know and I have a lot of self-confidence
by Killme127 February 28, 2021

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