S is for silver
W for wealth
A is for a lot of dough
G is for that gold
Person1:I’m exporting goods controlling the money and you better not trade with any other country

Person 2:yeah yeah yeah yeah S.W.A.G
by Bagelchips28 July 23, 2020
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A phrase used by males while referring to previous, future, or most often imaginary sexual encounters. It is pronounced more like Yee Yee Yee and spoken in a slightly higher pitched voice.
Abe: Did you see the way she smiled at me?
Eric: I guess
Abe: Yeah yeah yeah, I'm gettin some tonight!!
by boomsham7 November 29, 2009
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To subtle agree with someone; to agree with someone without any actual knowledge or belief in the subject.
Tim: Dude, did you see yesterdays primaries? I never thought that that could actually happen!
Peter: Yeah yeah. Yeah! Those primaries rock.
by knarfshock January 30, 2008
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