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a very pretty, outgoing girl who loves to be involved and participate. She loves to help other people and wants to strive for greatness.
That Yasi is a very passionate person.
by Yasibeebz January 14, 2015
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A very sexy young girl that causes many men to get very horny.
Damn that yasi is fine.
Everytime i look at yasi i get horny!
by David M. November 27, 2003
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A big fucking cyclone that destroyed half of Queensland, Australia in early 2011
Yasi blew my house down!!!
by MonaroMan February 06, 2011
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HUGE sucker for kpop, or any thing asian. Watches 18 plus kpop content and isn’t afraid to admit it. Has a crush on a guy who’s name begins with the letter T. Such a kind, friendly, and crazy girl who always has your back no matter what. She is good at basically everything. You can never take this girl seriously, and can have a right good laugh with her. Yasi is an unbelievably stunning girl, with perfect features and an amazing sense of style. Eyes of every colour, and hair as silky as velvet. SUPER photogenic too. You can tell this girl anything, and trust her always. She is not shy in the slightest. Also secretely a HUGE nintendo fangirl.
Hey Yasi, you’re such a good dancer!
Yasi: Thank you, I’m self taught. XD
Wow! How did you reach your self?
Yasi: I play just dance on my nintendo switch every night.
by Derek faddy February 16, 2019
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literally means "DAMN'
is the South African slang, mostly popular in the coloured community. One of the finest south African rapper YoungstaCPT named his hit song YASIS!, which popularized the word.
by DaGraDo June 10, 2018
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