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Yaron (in Hebrew: יָרוֹן) is a given name meaning "is full of joy" or "will be full of joy". It is common in Israel as both a male first name and a last name. Its English-language equivalent is "Jaron"
People with the first name "Yaron" include:
Yaron Golombick,an Artist
Dana International, an Israeli transsexual pop star born Yaron Cohen
Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute
Yaron Brown, an Israeli soccer player
Yaron Golan, an Israeli publisher
Yaron Herman, an Israeli-French jazz pianist
Yaron Kohlberg, an Israeli classical pianist
Yaron Lichtenstein, a Krav Maga Grand Master
Yaron Lifschitz, an Australian theatre director
Yaron London, an Israeli media personality
Yaron Matras, a British linguist
Yaron Svoray, an Israeli author and investigative journalist
Yaron Zilberman, director of the documentary Watermarks
Yaron Samid, an Israeli Internet entrepreneur living in New York.
Yaron Givati- My uncle who fell in the YOM KIPPUR WAR of 1973
by Love will set you soul free February 28, 2013
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An amazing dude. Probably the king of the universe. A guy like no other, with a charming personality and amazing sense of humor.
Drummer for the band "Killer-Rose".
Wow, that guy is perfect, a true yaron.
by sir Bangsalot June 19, 2006
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A yaron is a boys name with german origin. Yarons are usually funny a nice but in bed its a whole other story. In the bed yarons struggle to please there partner, i mean how much can they do with 3 centimeters? A yarons favorite candy is Toblerone.
Tiffany: Omg that yaron is so funny and nice
Shawn: he is so difrent then last night
by Slim.S4ady November 17, 2018
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