An acronym for Original Post Original Poster. This refers to the person that made the OP (Original Post) that someone has taken a screenshot of and shared to an external website. This differentiates the person that created the original content from the person that shared it to an outside source, who is referred to as OP (Original Poster).
That's rubbish. OOP really needs to check their sources. Why did you even share this, OP?
by lovely rat kitten January 28, 2021
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Harrisburg word for “the hook up wit a person To make a couple” oopers are ppl that will throw the oop for u
Yo Sam throw da oop wit me and Jasmine

Did u get da oop I threw u?
by Holupshyy February 6, 2018
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OOP means to describe an OOP moment in which an OOP is screamed in a nigga accent.
" nigga OOP"
by qwertyuiopnigga March 22, 2019
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A sudden reaction to a awkward or dramatic situation.
Ella: *Waves to Olivia*
Sarah: *Waves back thinking it was for her, but notices it wasn’t*
Sarah: Oop
by wohtherecowboy123 June 22, 2019
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Person 1: You ruined my life!!!!! *runs away crying*
Person 2: oops?
by Dat 1 Lil' Whyte Boi January 6, 2006
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The word you say when you dont know what to say.
Angela: your so annoyingggg
Me: oop
by itzme? May 28, 2019
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OOPS!!! (Chernobyl, 26.04.86; Chelyabinsk-40, 29.09.57; Three Mile Island, 28.03.79; etc)
by ex-physicist May 13, 2008
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