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The word Yanna comes from greek roots. Yan means in greek to be obsessed. Most Yannas have a specific obsession, for example Jolly Ranchers. They will take the obsession overboard. The root na in greek means love. Most Yannas will love music. They will also love their obsession. Also, Yannas are tall.
This girl crazily loves Jolly juice, she must be a Yanna.
by 11111000000 November 14, 2018
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Yanna is one of the nicest prettiest people you will ever meet in your life.
Yanna loves sports and is very smart she is very committed to a relationship. Yanna is also very popular and has many trustworthy friends
(Yanna) is so (fit) did you see her at the match yesterday.

Ya she (scored) so many (goals).
by Jshodjsjanxkc April 03, 2018
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A pretty girl who likes to party the night away. She has many guys after her but she fails to commit to a relationship with any of them and after she snogs their face of she gets rid of them. She also wears practically no clothes; thats why so many guys like her.
"yo look at yanna over there snogging that new guys face off"
by Valarie236 November 24, 2011
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