Yan is not a verb or noun. It is a state of mind. If one is gifted enough to achieve this state of Yan, the carrier of this mind state begins to experience feelings of happiness and confusion. When these two are combined, the results can be marvelous. Be on the lookout for puppies, barneys, and illegal immigrants while in the state of Yan. Be cautious however, as overdosing on Yan is possible. In this situation the Yan becomes increasingly sloppy and is a danger to himself and anyone around him. The Yan is then more prone to getting startled. In his confusion the Yan has been known to pee in public and/or somehow end up at some afterparty with no clothes on. Do not be alarmed however as any amount of Yan will eventually wear off with time.
by VPSM May 03, 2009
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the Shmexiest beast Ever! cool, outgoing, Beastly, funny, gots amazing biking skill, amazing skill of falling of the bike the PROPER way. the Craziest Russian Jew bastard you'll Ever meet.
Yan just killed that bottle of Kosher Vodka in 27.4 seconds flat.
by JewFoYou April 14, 2009
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A really nice person. They are chill, cool, and easy to make friends with. They can connect with you emotionally and are someone you can trust with your life. Yan has a really big beautiful smile that makes anyone fall in love with them and their personality and are very attractive individuals. Yan is intentive and pays close attention to every detail. They are very social and aren't afraid to meet someone new. They like hugs and are the care-taker of the group and are usually the or one of the eldest and deserve a lot of respect for it, although usually they don't which gets them annoyed. They don't like fakes (fake friends) that try to use them and are really good at spotting them out. They have a kind, warm heart and are great people to talk to. They always give seconds chances which is why it is never a good idea to get on their bad side. if you do though, it means that you will no longer exist in Yan's eyes and this rarely ever happens. You have to mess up BIG TIME for this to occur to you.
"Hey, do you know them?"
"Yeah they are really cool and chill"
"Wow, they must be Yan!"
by Teehee-Dictionary👉👈 December 19, 2020
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A guy who always promises to not smoke durning the weekend or drink whilst as soon as he sees alcohol cant refuse and gets wasted all the time.
We were at this party and the guy went Yan all the way through!
by OmarAbdullah October 28, 2013
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A super annoying guy who lives to frustrate you and give you anxiety.
Friend: "Im so annoyed!"
You: "You must of talked to Yan!"
by gypsyjudge May 12, 2019
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A nickname given to people with the name, 'Ian'. (Pronounced Yah-N)
Hey Yan how many beers can you down in one minute.
by YB400 August 23, 2018
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To be angry or pissed at someone or something.
Abbreviation of "you are not mad"
Originated in the northern suburbs of Melbourne
I'm f**king yan at you.
Yan at that computer.
by FCKINGYAN November 06, 2009
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