A game that is perpetually stuck within the alpha stages of development, it's development starting in 2014. Popularity peaked in 2015, around the time content creators such as PewDiePie and Markiplier played it. Has become notorious since, and for damn good reasons.
"I swear, if this burn out keeps up, this new game will become another Yandere Simulator to many."
by lumby4limbo February 18, 2020
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A: Have you heard of Yandere Simulator
B: Oh yeah, my grandmother has been waiting for it's release since she was 12
by GrilledGoat January 10, 2022
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Yandere Simulator is about a girl who is born without any feelings for others or herself, even if she killed. Her mother always told her that “ One day, you’ll meet someone *special*.” Ayano (the girl) always waited for this day to come. And one day while walking in the halls of Akademi High she bumps into a boy, Taro Yamada. He was the boy that she had always dreamed of. She instantly fell in love as he helped her up. After school she gets a text message from a girl named “info-Chan.” She says that another girl is trying to win Taros heart, and that she is going to confess her love to Taro under the cherry tree behind the school at 6:00pm on Friday. Ayano is furious and has to kill, befriend/betray, make Taro dislike her etc. After her first rival, come nine more. ( This list comes with the first rival too.) Osana Najimi, Amai Odayaka, Kizana Sunobu, Oka Ruto, Asu Rito, Muja Kina, Osoro, Shidesu, Hanako Yamada, and Megami Saikou. Ayano only has 10 weeks to get rid of all the rivals. It gets harder every week for Ayano to eliminate the rivals. If she gets caught being a psycho by Senpai she would get heartbroken (Senpai thinks she’s a freak and doesn’t want like her. Therefore, he won’t accept her love confession on Friday if she eliminated all her rivals.) The final game is not finished but, you can still play it as a debug sandbox for testing

A yandere has no emotion when killing and sabotaging. She never will have emotions until Senpai is hers.

Yandere Simulator-

A game of trying to win a boys heart
by Kermit The Yandere March 31, 2020
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the game that anybody or phyco can play and its very satisfying
lets play Yandere Simulator i want to kill some bitches
by lolol896 December 23, 2016
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A coding language where it is regarded by most experts as " holy fuck that's like, Italian spaghetti ", due to the fact the language consists of mostly "if" and "else" statements, it is extremely slow and only runs on unity engine.
Yandere Simulator was made by Alex Mahan in April 2014, compared to other game engines such as Toby Fox, or Scott Cawthon, Yandere Simulator is a slug.
In conclusion Yandere Simulator is one of the least effective coding languages ever.
Wow, that guys uses Yandere Simulator to code his game? What an idiot!
by That1PiePerson October 29, 2020
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Another high school simulator that me and people like Kubz Scouts won't shut the fuck up about. Basicly, you control the life of an anime school girl named Yandere-Chan and you have to kill all 10 rivals just to win Senpai.
*record scratches* Wait! You can be creative and choose to get rid of your rivals nin other ways than just plain killing. Don't let Senpai notice you!
Person 1: Dude have you played this game?
Person 2: What is it?
Person 1: It's called The Yandere Simulator
Person 2: I can't wait to play!
by JayMoneySpamsL2 December 8, 2021
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they are idiots who usually have 0 brain cells, want to commit die
"Hey dude I like yandere simulator, so that means I am a yandere simulator fan"
by Melon_fox December 3, 2020
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