The Japanese name meaning Of love.
Pronunciation- AH yah noh
...I don't have any examples c(: for Ayano
by Ayee_Xaraili June 10, 2017
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Ayano is very emotionless, apathetic, and speaks with a deadpan expression. She would do anything to prevent people from obtaining her crush, even if it meant killing them. Ayano's "hobby" is trying to convince everyone around her that she is a normal girl with normal feelings. She buys manga, plays video games, and rides a bike to project the image of a regular school girl. However, she doesn't enjoy any of it.
Ayano suffers from a fictional type of insanity. This condition doesn't allow her to experience normal, strong feelings. Ayano doesn't have the ability to feel emotions, empathy, or remorse. She doesn't feel guilt or shame for harming others. However, she can feel pity at times. She knows what the general people consider to be "wrong", but she just doesn't care.

Ayano's behavior does not perfectly match the definition of either a sociopath or psychopath, but she is capable of actions that only a psychopath would consider taking--being usually bold and egotistical.
There's Ayano, she can't be dealt with to simply put, she doesn't care about life except for her crush.
by Saki See October 3, 2020
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Ayano, an incredibly hot guy that would make the perfect dad. Ayanos are usually below 5ft tall but do not let their height deceive you as all their length went to their dick. They may look harmless but under that ruse is an absolute lady killer that most definitely fucks on the first date.
omg have you met Ayano? He totally destroyed me last night.
by ayanosimp727 November 22, 2021
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Ayanos are awesome killers. There are true psychos. The best friend of a Ayano is a Info-chan or a Mika . Ayanos are popular. They are always cool. Boys are falling in love with her. But she don't cares.

If you see a bloody angry Ayano: RUN!!!!! 😨
If you see a happy cute Ayano: Ask her for a date. 😉
If you see a flirty hot Ayano: FUCK HER👙🏠💏
Ayano is a japanese name that means colour.
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1: Oh there is Ayano!
2: She has got a knife...
1: run.
by Unkxwn January 9, 2017
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Ayano Aishi is the main character of the game: Yandere Simulator, made by YandereDev. His Youtube Channel is called Yandere dev, and he makes progress videos of the game's future rivals, but he only talks about the first rival, Osana Najimi. There is no way to win the game yet, but in the final game, you will have to kill all your rivals to get your Senpai. She is one of the best Yandere's, but Yuno Gasai is the Yandere queen. There is no Anime about Ayano Aishi yet, but if there was one it would probably be called Lovesick.
My favorite Yandere game character is Ayano Aishi, AKA Yandere-Chan.
Ayano Aishi is my favorite Yandere.
by FeminineTomato October 29, 2017
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A famous yaoi manga artist who loves all her fans. Known for her gorgeous illustrations of beautiful men and exotic settings for her manga.
Yamane Ayano is the famed creator of the Finder series. A famous boys-love manga!
by Tingle Likes Rupees November 1, 2013
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