An awesome amazing Youtuber who needs his own definition so here ya go Jay i love you Jay
Tell your friends that Jay from the Kubz Scouts is THAT DUDE
by MimikyuNatsu September 17, 2017
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an underrated youtuber who despite his fanbase is not talked about as much.
Person: Who are you watching?
Person 2: Jay from the Kubz Scouts
Person: Who the hell is Jay from the Cube Scouts?
Person 2: That Dude!
by SuperNateParty July 3, 2021
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Kubz Scouts Other Known As Jay Or Robert Is A Energetic Youtuber Who Has 4.22Million Subscribers And Fans Today.
by Junko Sukii July 29, 2021
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A gaming YouTuber that goes by his middle name Jay, who is the most funniest and entertaining content creator. Jay has played many games and has many series. For example his most popular is the Free random games series in which he will play 3 free (most of the time) random indie games. What is unique about Jay is his commentary as this man has the most wildest comments on everything!! Also if you watch his older videos you’ll definitely see that he had no filter back then... I mean he still really doesn’t but he’s more ‘family friendly now’. Especially now that he has a son who he is working so hard for: Mason :) Don’t forget, he is also THAT DUDE.
Friend 1: Aye do you know Jay from the Kubz Scouts ?
Friend 2: who the hell is that??
Friend 1: bruh how can you not know him? HE IS THAT DUDE!
by Baby anonymous baby November 16, 2020
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A "let's play" YouTuber who appeals to wide audience with his random observational sense of humor and energetic personality. He rose significantly in popularity with his Yandere Simulator series but plays a large variety of other games as well.
Jay from the Kubz Scouts is such a baby back bitch but I love him.
by ShilPhift February 21, 2022
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kubz scouts is probably the BEST youtuber of all kind. he likes to play: dangapora, yandare simulator, 60 second challanges, bitlife, etc.
kubz scouts is THAT DUDE!
by rainbow towels August 22, 2020
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