Yonkes is an informal (slang) Spanish word used for junk and/or junk-yards. Yonkes does NOT refer to "Yankees" as some monolingual English people erroneously assume. This word is iconic at Chicano Park in Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA thanks to a civil-rights-era mural that reads "Varrio Si, Yonkes No." Meaning "yes to community, no to junk-yards." This was in response to the City of San Diego's decision to zone junk-yards in a heavily Mexican community during the 1960's.
Spanish: Vamos a los yonkes a comprar unas partes para mi carro.
English: Let's go to the junk-yards to buy some parts for my car.
by juancalcala July 19, 2011
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Yonke is a popular slang term used in the takuache truck scene, used to describe a clapped out dropped truck, typically a single cab, 99-06 Silverado, or Sierra seen with different color body panels, or primer black, or grey.
Edgar, ese yonke no quema cuhh, es v6!!

Edgar, that yonke doesn’t burn out cuhh, it’s a V6!!
by SLO DIRTYMAX June 13, 2020
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To be in Yonkers, New York.
Person 1: “Where’s Naomi? Is she downtown?
Person 2: “Nope, she’s yonking
by DingoRingo October 30, 2020
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Can be used to describe the action of snagging or stealing something.

Can also be used as a replacement of the F-word in a phrase or sentence.
"Watch this Joe, I'm about to yonk your mom's virginity."

"Yo did you see me fight Eric yesterday?"
"Yeah dude you absolutely yonked him!"
by BigBrainMemeTrain on IG December 3, 2019
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An extrememly long time. (noun)
Dude, I haven't spoken to you in yonks!
by HLNT October 19, 2004
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British Slang, Measurement of Time;

1) The unit of 'Yonk' is known to be exactly 3 Months and 13 Days.

--> Used to describe a long period since you last saw someone or something. Usually termed 'Yonks' rather than a 'Yonk'.
BOB: "Gee Willy, I haven't seen you for Yonks!"
WILLY: "Yeah, must be about 3 Yonks actually."
by Stuart Fletcher November 10, 2004
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