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YHWH represents the Hebrew letters "Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh." It was the name God gave for Himself when Moshe inquired of Him. In most modern translations it is usually written "LORD" (in capital letters) or "HaShem" (in the Hebrew Tanach, it means "The Name"). It has been improperly translated "Jehovah," based on a German bastardization of YHWH and "Adonai." The word "Jehovah" does not appear in the Hebrew language and is simply incorrect. YHWH is probably pronounced "Yahweh," and means "I Am That I Am." The implication is that God is completely self-sufficient.
Blessed are you, YHWH, our God, King of the Universe ...
by FrostedTornFlake October 20, 2005

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The word "Torah" in Hebrew literally means "to throw, direct, or teach." While commonly translated as "Law," that is not entirely accurate and holds a negative connotation. When Jews speak of the Torah it is generally understood that they speak of the books of Moshe (Moses), the first five books of the Bible. There are others that believe all Scripture to be Torah, as it is God's direction for us.
In the Torah we are directed to first love God above all, but also to love our neighbor as ourself.
by FrostedTornFlake October 16, 2005

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This is the feeling of dread that overcomes someone when it is assumed their love of cucumbers translates into a love of zucchinis. One can adore cucumbers while despising zucchinis.

An example of someone suffering from zucchini spooks is Animal Crossing's Kapp'n.
But now, please! Zucchinis give me the spooks! Zucchini spooks!
by FrostedTornFlake October 16, 2005

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