Cheeto.” -xqc
by Cocoabutter81 November 4, 2019
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An absolute juicer gaming warlord the best at every video game ever created.
You: “wow is that Xqc, the juicer warlord, king of all video games?”
Me: yes!
by Cam3ron February 19, 2021
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A fast talking specie that human still dont understand the words he says and also he suffers from a disease called neuroPepega so that most parts of his brain are disabled and he cant think. He also enjoy farting and slamming the desk and then react to some tik tok videos.
-Dud dud dud you know this xQc guy?
-yeah he was getting the juice last night

"Cheeto" - xQc The pepega
by MeltingBag November 10, 2019
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xQc is a streamer with the biggest schnoze on the planet earth.
1: Do you know xQc?
2: Yeah that´s that guy schnoze that big that he hears with that shit?
by Lexxik August 28, 2018
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'"Jam a man of fortune and J must seek my fortune" - Henry Ayveries, 1994' - xQc, 2019
"Jam a man of fortune and J must seek my fortune" -xQc
by Fejlan July 12, 2020
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a reaction streamer who enjoys watching tiktoks, slamming his desk, and farting.
hey guys my name is xQc, im the current tank for team Denial
by pvc for survival situations March 25, 2020
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A popular overwatch streamer. Known for playing tank. He is also known for talking very fast and not thinking about what he says. Some say he's very annoying. Others think he is very funny
"xQc is a really funny person" or "xQc is very annoying"
by Kadnaz July 18, 2018
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