a streamer who is the literal embodiment of toxic and not at all chill.
by dru man November 2, 2020
xqc is a great streamer and I enjoy watching him a lot. He has the best chat on twich his streams are very fuckin good and his personality is great he also likes fartin and slamin he sometimes can be retarted but sheeeesh he is a fuckin great guy
sheeeeeesh -juicer

by trucs April 30, 2021
xQc's Law (sometimes referred to as Lengyel's Law) states that there is a direct correlation between surface village location in terms of x and z values and probability of sub-surface lava spawning in the respective chunks located at those x and z values. It is implied through xQc's Law that lava is less likely to spawn at y values near y = 11 when in chunks containing a surface village or near a surface village.
xqcSmug TeaTime DIDN'T STUDY
by hiVoltage_ February 19, 2021
Someone who is usually a bit retarded and has trouble speaking the English language.
Gavin145: Hubaabahullabhu hUballblu?
Person: Wow stop being such a xQc subscriber
by Gavin.145 March 1, 2019
According to XQC there will be no lava pool underground 50 blocks away from the village. All lava that is in bedrock level does not count.
You will not find a lava pool underneath the village because of XQC's LAW.
by PureJuicer February 14, 2021