Probably the coolest and most entertaining Overwatch Twitch streamer currently out there, that is a lot of the Overwatch community seen as toxic, as he has many times been clipped out of context, when saying something that by itself sounds toxic.

But they're all wrong, if you decide to tune in at the start of his stream (or any other point), you will most likely see a nice guy who is great at Overwatch and only gets mad at people if there's a good reason for it.
- Hey dude, wanna duo?

No sorry, not today.

- Why not?
I'm trying to learn playing Winston, so I'm watching xQc's stream :)

- But isn't he like... really toxic?!
No, he seems pretty cool and I've heard lots of great stuff about his Winston gameplay :)

- Okay, then let's duo tomorrow :)
by Shiyurike January 22, 2018
xQc is a popular twitch streamer that plays multiple games and reacts to tiktoks and streaming moments, he says dud and bayzed a lot dud I cannot believe it dud
xQc is a fat retard
by BigJuicerDud August 20, 2021