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Jittery, meaning you have taken a large substance of a type of drink of sorts that will make you "jittery" or shaky. Jittery also meaning nervous or impatient
"I'm feeling jittery because of all that pre work-out that I took"
by Cam3ron October 16, 2016
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A bunch of soyboys that simp over dream no matter what, whether it’s getting accounts on twitter suspended for going against dream or dream stans even in the slightest or disagreeing with something about dream or basically harassing people like a crowd of BTS fan girls.
tw // dream stans are cringe
by Cam3ron February 19, 2021
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An absolute juicer gaming warlord the best at every video game ever created.
You: “wow is that Xqc, the juicer warlord, king of all video games?”
Me: yes!
by Cam3ron February 19, 2021
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A weirdo at sometimes but he actually cares and has a good heart.
Taj gets on my nerves but ik thats just how he is
by Cam3ron December 1, 2021
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If your name is japan you are the most unique person and you don't care bout no nigga hurting ya feelings cuz you just that bitch. And you fine or wtv
Damn her name japan? Yk she fine
by Cam3ron December 1, 2021
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