1) When the number Zero is not low enough. You need something even more pathetic.
2) The lack of integrity in ones work
3) Someone who is terrible at PC gaming
1) Everyone called Joe a XERO because he was known to deceive others
2) I am so broke I have XERO cashflow
3) I lost that game so bad my score was a big fat XERO
by AnonymousCALIF June 7, 2013
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The band name and title of the demo of a sort of prototype of linkin park featuring Mike Shinoda and Mark Wakefield (Who left the band to become the manager of Taproot) doing vocals Brad Delson on guitar Dave "Pheonix" Farrell on bass Rob Bourdon on drums and Joe Hahn on both keyboards and turntables. noticable Linkin Park roots include an Xero track titled "Rhinestone" which is a very obvious rough of the 10th track on hybrid theroy "Forgotten" and and Xero track titled "Stick 'n' Move" in which the intro is the guitar line for track 6 of hybrid theroy "Runaway" also on the Xero demo were the tracks "Fuse" and "Reading My Eyes" theres said to be more songs that were played when Xero opened for Cypress Hill the main concert hasnt been confirmed but it is at least known that the concert did exsist with more tracks then the Xero Demo such as "The Team" "The Untitled" "Explode" and "Now I See" all the tracks with the exception of "The Team" and "Explode" can be found on the internet also copies of the Xero Demo pop on ebay from time to time and usually go for well 1,000 dollars
Wow he sure knows alot about Linkin Park, Xero, and Fort Minor

Yea...he needs a life
by Linkin_Park_Pwn_Your_Ass August 9, 2006
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The name of the band Linkin Park before the singer Chester Bennington joined the group :)
it tells you about it on www.pushmeaway.com
by Victoria September 3, 2004
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The name that Linkin Park had when they were still the small town band back in 1996.I think it's the name of some Japanese magazine now.
0000.52% of the USA's population knew who Xero was in 1996. Now, 25.6% does.
by X-Terminator November 29, 2003
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Man mostly known for his overwatch addiction but also an upcoming music career I guess

Has been known as:

That Xero guy is a bitch
by SolarConker August 19, 2020
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A name that means "I know", used by many gamers across the world
"Hey tell Xero to get on DOMO, we need an extra blademaster for the Trisky Turtle misson."
by Code: Xero September 21, 2009
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Is rumored to be the "Master of Chao". A cross-over of Mega Man X and Zero, but is gold armored and with long silver hair. When a threat attempts to take place, Xero handles it with his trusty saber. Otherwise, he's a story-teller and a good friend.
by DJSonic March 28, 2003
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