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a.k.a. Chairman Hahn and Mr. Hahn, born March 15, 1977, is the turntablist and keyboardist for the band Linkin Park. Joe is a second-generation Korean American who was raised in Glendale California where he graduated high school and took an interest in visual arts. He attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California with bandmate Mike Shinoda. He joined Linkin Park in '97 as the band's DJ. Since then he has directed most of their music videos. He has also directed for The X-Files, Sphere, and Dune. He is known to be a fan of electronica and drum n bass music. He has acknowledged Aphex Twin as being his biggest influence.
Joe Hahn does an awesome job as the dj for linkin park!
by LP fan August 24, 2006
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Turntablist for the world renowned rock group, Linkin Park. He is well-equipped with fingers to push, twitch, and turn his discs. Is of Korean origin.
Joe Hahn! Dude, that guy can scratch!
by Sibel May 25, 2005
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DJ for Linkin Park, Joe also "directs" the band's music videos and some short films, in 2006 Joe suffered from a nervous breakdown which locked Joe Hahn's creative mind in place while he was brainstorming a slow motion shot for Chester Bennington in the video for "What I've Done"

Subsequently, every single Linkin Park video released after this incident has featured Chester Bennington in slow motion, and after therapy; Rob Bourdon rotating.

It is rumoured that this information is actually incorrect and the DJ was replaced by a son of Kim Jong Il as product placement detailed in Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns contract, there also theories which believe Joe Hahn is just a douche.
Subject 1: "Hey have you seen that new music video?"
Subject 2: "Nah, I heard they totally Joe Hahned it."
by Lucas Mcnucas June 01, 2012
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