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Some white guy who thinks he can rap just because he's married to Britney Spears. Also refuses to pick up any dog crap in his house if his wife sees it first.
K.Fed accidentally stepped on a steaming pile of poo while practicing his limp so that dey be thinkin he fo reals', dawg.
by X-Terminator December 17, 2005
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1.Completely beating a video game or challenge relying only on pure skill rather than what you're equipped with or cheats.
1. That guy totally kicked ass on Gangsta War using only a pistol and an axe, while that sissy nerd who doesn't even know how to shoot wasted his time fighting no brainer robots for money so that he could buy tons of armor and defense items because he didn't want to get killed because he was too afraid to attack people himself(and he sucked bad)
by X-Terminator August 26, 2004
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A car made by Honda that is meant for AUTOCROSS, not drag racing.
Only the stupid ricer idiots would take this thing to the drag strip against a couple of F-body's where they know they would get smoked. Now in an autocross event is where the Civic really shines in performance, handling, etc. Sure, american muscle is fast, but what is speed without any control of it? Nothing. Too much horsepower and you're gonna end up having a nasty crash. So, here is the conclusion of the everlasting fight between imports and muscle cars...

Muscle- These cars are meant for drag racing, where their high levels of horsepower and torque can really be used to their full potential.

Import- These are meant for autocross and circuit type events on different weather and surface conditions, where superb handling and an all around balance of performance aspects are needed.
by X-Terminator August 2, 2004
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THE original asian rapper. He can beat that wanksta Jin Tha MC anyday. Too bad he's now slowly fading into history, Jin is brainwashing asians all over the world, and the thing that really sucks is that he got gunned down.
I wish today was sunday, so I can get a cheesburger fo...39 Cent! at mcdonalds baby
by X-Terminator October 25, 2003
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The name that Linkin Park had when they were still the small town band back in 1996.I think it's the name of some Japanese magazine now.
0000.52% of the USA's population knew who Xero was in 1996. Now, 25.6% does.
by X-Terminator November 28, 2003
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