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1. A very powerful hero in Warcraft 3. Can use wind walk, critical strike, mirror image, and bladestorm.
2. Someone adept at using a sword.
1. Oh shit, that blademaster just windwalked into my base and killed all my wisps.
2. That dude just totally ruined 3 people, what a blademaster!
by Ryan November 20, 2004
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An orc hero commonly used in Warcraft 3. Blademaster has a strong and fast attack but lacks strength and is really quite a weak hero.

Often tries to take out wisps in a NE base but gets owned when you build your moonwells 1 space appart, surrounding some trees so that heros can't get to your wisps.

Agility Based Hero often the player will buy Boots of Speed when using Blademaster

Abilities = Wind walk
Critical Strike
Mirror image
Noob: i only use my blademaster while my army gets raped because i don't have micro and play DOTA
Pro: wow you are just focusing my hero while i own your army.
by The-Patient August 12, 2007
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The term that is used for the type of person that goes from YouTube video to YouTube video writing offensive or asshole comments. On top of this, a blademaster ALWAYS returns to the video that he commented on and responds to the replies.
Username1: "Nice vid man, keep up the good work ;)"

Blademaster: "Pfft, what a shitty vid! Look at this loser, what a fag, omg kill yourself loser!!!!"

Username2: "Blademaster leave the guy alone whats your problem?"

Blademaster: "You are my problem u gay homo! God your are all such pussies!!!!!"
by Wes P. February 12, 2008
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