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The owner of Resell AIO. He is pretty cool I guess.
Did you see those early links Xeris gave? Damn, I cooked!
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Armenian slang referencing the male genitalia (i.e. the dick). Correct usage is translated as "to my penis," conveying a sense of apathy as found in the colloquial phrase "fuck that shit", a common interjection in apathetic language.

Most powerful usage occurs when the "r" in "xeris" is extended indefinitely. This term is geographically specific to the Greater Los Angeles region, specifically bounded by the jurisdictions of Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank and surrounding vicinity (as in North fucking Hollywood).
Person 1: Hey, how was your day today?

Person 2 (Nerses): Oh wow, thanks for asking, today wa-

by Xerses October 03, 2013
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An amazingly witty and beautiful petite woman with tall girl attitude.
She is such a Xeris, so little yet able to hang with and out think the super models.
by Juana Isabel August 12, 2011
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