A slang for serious to be used in any scenario;
"hey, did you hear my boy deadass clapped them cheeks at the party last night?"
by CloutBoiDeadassB September 10, 2017
Completely serious.
"Yo, I hooked up with Rebecca last night!"
"No way!"
"I'm deadass."
by AGentlyUsedCondom October 22, 2015
A term used by timbs wearin ass Brooklyn niggas that means serious.
by Deadasseriousb December 3, 2016
"Deadass" is a word primarily used by teens, or New Yorkers who have a Timberland obsession, and usually spend their time in Brooklyn or the Bronx, this word means "seriously" or "for real" to any other American.
Angry Yankees fan 1-"I just got my new timbs dirty"
Angry Yankees fan 2-"Deadass?"
Angry Yankees fan 1-"Deadass B"
by Noob_scoop69 January 14, 2017
Sometimes used as a synonym of "literal" used in contexts where literal wouldn't work quite right.
*CONTEXT: Your friend, Jack, is rolling down a hill*
Jack is deadass on a roll.
by 30_DOLLARHAIRCUT December 25, 2018
When A Person Is Serious And They Not Joking
I'm Deadass Mad B She Said No Head
by Guacamole Nigga Penis Penis February 21, 2019