The conjunction of "urban" and "suburbia" to describe the conditions where city and suburbs overlap for a more dense and city-like environment.
Bloomfield, NJ ain't much different than Rockville Center, LI, as they both can be described as urbania.
by Harry Stotle January 19, 2008
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a fake ghetto where young thugs learn to pop a cap
lil jon went to urbania when he was a kid.
by Zoob October 16, 2003
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When u get a bunch of neighboring couples in a suburban neighborhood to get together on top of their roofs. Then, they have crazy anal sex and howl like wolves. Then, the dogs in the neighborhood will come out and start going crazy and barking. Finally, the owners of the houses will come out and then the males will cum on them.
" Hey those damn kids are having a Mania in Urbania.", said Frank.
The mania in urbania is named after The Little Rascals.
by SN9 February 15, 2008
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