A system made when Bill Gates realised he didn't have enough money.
Since programmers didn't like the XBox when is was announced, Microsoft bought a bunch of companies to make exclusive games, such as Bungie and Rareware.

Also, the system in competition with the Playstation 2 for people who only buy EA sports games.
Halo was originally going to be for Mac, GCN, and PS2.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
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The first attempt by Microsoft to enter the console gaming market, the XBOX is, beneath its sleek, black (and OMG HUGE!!!1 LOL) exterior, was simply a mid-range (for the time) gaming PC in a console's clothing.

A 733MHz Intel Pentium III processor and nVidia GPU combined with a regular 3.5" desktop hard disk drive and a modified Windows 2000 operating system constitute a PC by another name, but, perhaps, smells sweeter.

The result - a hot, noisy and (as noted above) OMG HUGE!!!1 LOL - console, but one with remarkable gaming power which secured a solid second place next to Sony's somewhat overhyped PlayStation 2. While the PS2 took the lion's share of the market in the fourth-generation console wars it was far from the walk over predicted in the popular press and Microsoft easily displaced Nintendo who were, a priori, predicted to take a comfortable if disappointing second place position.

The XBOX 360 has broken the trend somewhat, ditching the PC architecture and Windows-derived operating system in favour of something much more console-like (and sadly less OMG HUGE LOL!!!1) and, ariving a year earlier to market than the currently missing-in-action PlayStation 3 may yet provide Microsoft with the dominant position in console gaming. But at this stage the smart money is on a three way tie in the fifth generation console gaming market.
I love my XBOX (even though its OMG HUGE LOL!!!1)
by MarkH606 August 8, 2006
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A previous significant other's naughty bits... an ex-box, if you will.
Fun to play with, but prone to rapid shutdown if the right buttons aren't pushed....
Dude, last night I ran into the xbox at the bar and took her back to my place. She's learned some new tricks, but whatever- She was still fun to play.
by Ad_Noctum May 5, 2010
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A hideous weapon released by Microsoft designed to brainwash children, ranging from ages 6-49, into destroying its competition (Gamecube/PS2). It is also capable of acting on its own if the user is not coordinated enough to wield the obscenely sized controller. (Highly flammable)
"Dude, I forgot to turn off my xbox, and it fucking burned down my garage...ON PURPOSE!"
by Bailey Donovan May 12, 2005
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there once was a demon called Mai-kro-zopht who planned to unleash his evil unto the unsuspecting world. it created a gigantic box of green and black. into it he poured all of its evil and malice. it sold the evil box with "Internet connections" and "super bloody sadistic shooters". Staring into the green circle gives you cancer and syphilis, playing one kills puppies...
Little Boy- Hey, look at this a cool xbox! I think i'll play it an- fluffy? FLUFFY! NNNNOOOO!!!!!11!!!!
by Sauronschef May 25, 2005
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1) n. A console manufactured by Microsoft.

2) adj. Very big (at least as big as a Xbox as defined in 1.)
My Xbox is so huge, I'm not scared of my brother trying to flush it down the toilet.

Man, that house was so xbox, I got lost in it trying to go to the bathroom...
by joshk May 30, 2005
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word used to describe something huge
Chris: did you see that girls ass

Sangit: yea man its XBOX!!!
by Sangit December 15, 2007
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