An ex-girlfriend that was kept around only for sex.
Dave's ex-box was smokin hot, but she was such a total bitch.
by Baba Ghanoush September 03, 2006
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the resultant of an xbox dies (which happens a lot)
My ex-box got the red rings of death. FML.
by Napkins345 October 17, 2010
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A box that contains the saved items of past girlfriends, i.e cards or anything they have given you that reminds you of them with the intent of going through it at later date to remember them.
Dude my girlfriend found my ex box in my closet; needless to say her stuff is now in it
by Federal Q August 27, 2009
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ex Box -- a former girlfriend, lover or woman with whom you you no longer have sex.
Yo, Jeremy, Jojo is looking good.

Dawg, don't matter to me. She's my eX Box. I am with Kiki now.
by TooSick4U April 25, 2007
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Nickname/slang for your ex-girlfriend, ex-flame, ex-f*buddy.
Person 1- "Yo, has anyone seen Steve??"
Person 2- "I think he is hanging with his Ex-box tonight"
Person 1- "Again ?!?! For f*ck sake..."
by awalsh March 21, 2011
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An ex-lover, of the female persuasion. A chick that you had carnal relations with but never a 'relationship'
Opposite of 'Playstation': someone you're currently recieving sexual enjoyment from
Tony: Damn, that girl you were talkin to was HOTT!! You hittin that?

Joey: Nah man, she's my ex-box.

Adam: Hey man, you still getting bootycalls from Jill?
Greg: Nah, she's so ex-box...Tina's my Playstation this week.
by TrixiesPlay4Keeps September 30, 2007
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Otherwise referred to as an xbox. This name derives from many girls having lost thier partners to video gaming.
My ex used to play his xbox all the time, I got tired of fighting. Stupid EX box.
by kelston February 01, 2007
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