It is what soldiers of the Pewdiepie army are called. They were previously called as Bros, Sisters, Sister Sqaud, Squad and are now 9 year olds. True 9 year olds are those who did their part, such as Mr.Beast. Do your part, and subscribe to pewdiepie
The 9 year olds pledge their loyalty to the Lord Pewdiepie.

The 9 year olds suffered casualties in the T Series war

My friend Imag Ayman enrolled in elementary school to become a 9 year Old
by Brief Velkoz December 5, 2018
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A boy who plays Call of Duty and tells his mom to bring him energy drinks, then cussing her out for bringing him Red Bull instead of Monster, then cussing you out incorrectly for shooting him.
9 year old:You brung me Red Bull! Hey punk you shot me you turd! GET WRECKED!!!!
by Cracka531 May 22, 2014
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A 9 year old is a wild beast. they can usually be found:
*Infesting Fortnite, trying to get a close-range kill with a sniper rifle.
*On Youtube, making a 5 subscribers special.
*Playing Minecraft, screaming ear-piercingly loud about how they found diamonds.
*Hiding in Roblox, waiting for someone to come out of the museum in jailbreak.
*Dabbing. this is actually the most common activity of the wily 9 year old.
*Trying to make friends on Animal jam, unaware that the game would be dead if national geographic didn't sponsor it.
9 year old: hey, want to friend me in fortnite?
Average fortnite player (40 years old): Um... No.
9 year old: Then I'm gonna report you!
by KentuckyFriedDickin November 29, 2018
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Billy:"Mommy, mommy, I'm a 9 year old now so I can play fortnite!"
Mom: " You're a disappointment and I hope you get aids."
by ReloadzzRenegade October 17, 2019
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most toxic thing on planet earth

commonly found spending 69 hours a day playing fortnite boattle royale
9 year old: OMG fuck shit cunt die motherfucker goddam die you useless bitch why wont you die omg i play fortnite and i have no braincells fuck shit dick ass

me: pulls out the child reppelent
by just_a_normal_idiot September 3, 2021
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