When a player is so clueless and bad, that it benefits him or her. Sometimes, resulting in defeating others that are skillful.
What? This guy killed me! Who nonchalantly pushes the middle of the map like that? That is a pure example of the bad player effect!
by SithLordTrevor August 7, 2018
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Going negative in For Honor with a four-stack of crutch characters and accidentally winning Dominion matches. This is usually achieved by getting justly team-wiped in two seconds at the beginning of the match. This causes For Honor’s flawless game mechanics to give you minion lane for the duration of the match by only spawning in a few enemy minions each wave. After the enemy team finally dies collectively, they will get one large wave of minions. After the enemy team holds minion lane for approximately four seconds, your team will spawn in seven minions that will annihilate the forty enemy minions holding minion lane in ten seconds. Due to these one sided minion spawns, the enemy team will be forced to sacrifice a player (or two) to clear minion lane an absurd amount of times to no avail. With no need to touch minion lane, your rather unskilled team can keep tossing yourselves at the player-captured zones while only surviving longer than ten seconds due to your team’s aforementioned hero composition. This stalls the enemies’ points, while your team shoots up the scoreboard with points generated from minion lane and causing the score to end around 1,267 to 943. Most of these matches end with one of the enemy players getting four-man ganked by your team, while a Black Prior pops “Oath Breaker”(that he only just unlocked the spawn before), allowing your team to negate his revenge and kill him instantly.
“We managed to hold zones A and C the majority of the match against their two Shugokis, Black Prior, and Hitokiri. Our Gryphon cleared zone B twelve times, only for their minions to spawn and take it on his way back to assist at a zone. I hate the bad player meta and wish these bash oriented characters fed revenge.”
by Garfslinger November 9, 2021
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when someone sucks at a certain game or action which makes them suck at everything at life and is a absolute loser at life
Andrew is a bad player at cod
by l dont know January 16, 2022
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