A sweet, caring person who is extremely good looking (hunkalicious if I may). Wyatts are athletes, and extremely muscular. They enjoy music and care for people, which is why they have so many friends. Overall, Wyatts are awesome, amazing people, who have a great sense of humor.
Person 1: "who is that person over there?"

Person 2: "oh that BOIII? Das Wyatt GUR"
by helloiamrllycool January 25, 2015
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An amazing guy. Hes got the ladies lining up. All the girls want him, and all the guy wish they were him. He is the perfect combination of dork and cool. And he has mad skills.
"Wyatt is wayy to awesome."
by Itshehehahahehe September 24, 2011
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A Wyatt is a teenager who gets all the girls. If you got a girl, if your not watchin, he will snach her from ya. Wyatt is super sexy, has a big dick, and is a fast track runner
You know that james who works at the store, hes such a wyatt
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Vagina and pussy are one in the same,
eating girls out is my favorite game.
Get them to bed fast as light,
gonna rip that shit open if that girl is too tight.
Don't care whether she's yellow white or black,
he'll fuck her in the mouth vag or her butt crack.
And now I think you know enough about him,
to know when he pulls his dick out all slender and slim.
That if you encounter a wyatt,
to know if you scream out he'll yell BE FUCKING QUIET!!!!!
Girl 1: I had sex with a Wyatt last night....
Girl 2: And you're still walking?
by Don't hate the truth December 03, 2011
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He is the Type of guy you need to check on, because he's cutting his wrists and hiding the pain with a smile, so if you meet a Wyatt He is depressed, Antisocial, Fake Smiles all the time, He says he's ok when he is having a Panic Attack.

BROKEN Ok is in the word BROKEN.
by IdontKareAbotU March 11, 2020
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Wyatt is perfect. He's a cute and nice boy who is always there for advice when needed. he's a bit of an ass at times, but in a funny teasing way. He's very friendly and loves music and films. he's a bit of a nerd but in the cutest ways possible. Girls love him.
Man did you see Wyatt hanging out with that Christina today?!

Yay he always gets the hottest girls...
by lalaloopsy0009 October 20, 2013
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