To live your life is to say to do something, especially to get a job or do your work. Only your friends would mean it in a fun way. Life is a word people are scared and confused of which helps brands to make people buy their items by confusing them.
"Stop reading this and live your life!"
by Someone u may know August 21, 2017
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Living your life is like...being alive. It's having fun, unique expiriences, its just doing Something to feel alive. (Not like drugs or alchohal)
Living Your Life:
-Sliding down your roof on a matress...

-Climbing a mountain....

-Visiting a new Country

-Trying a new food...

-Being Creative

-Crashing a wedding

-Starring at the stars and fireworks on your roof, at midnight on new years eve
by MidnightSunshine March 6, 2007
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Going out and not giving a fuck what happends, jus as long as you get pretty shitty an hook up once or twice with someone of the opposite sex.
You know whats wrong with you, you need to live your life.
by spanish55 November 21, 2006
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Living in a way where you do not allow others opinions to influence your life decisions.
living your own life, what people who don't care what others think do.
by potatoe12 January 22, 2011
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What you tell people when you get drunk or high in a nicer place than you usually get drunk or high.
We got so wasted at the club last night. Dont tell me about living your best life.
by Ninja Nerd Warrior January 13, 2019
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