An incredibly, almost unbelievably, prude person; someone who can't be persuaded otherwise of thier philosophy of being so appalled by the idea of having an intimate relatoinship.
Dude, don't ask that chick out she's a sailer!
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when you take a caution sign, put a mop in it, put a tissue on the top of the mop and put soap on the tissue and then put it in a public bathroom stall.
im gonna put a soapy sailer in that washroom
by firedude266 December 27, 2011
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Sailer is a {hot} blondo and is very tall and loyal. HE can be {mean} sometimes or just joke around in a rude way. He will always be there for you. Loves football or baseball. He will tease you in a funny way and make you wheeze you brainz our. Always be friends with a Sailer
Sailer is so nice
by Ashlfor99 February 16, 2020
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