the number between 187 and 189
188 is a number
by guy who defines numbers December 5, 2020
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To totally zone out and stop paying attention. Named in honor of the two Northwest 188 pilots who spaced out and overshot Minneapolis by a hundred miles. Also known as "taking a northwest nap"
She went totally Northwest 188 on me - I had to clap my hands in front of her face before she started paying attention.
by ahirebet October 29, 2009
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The Thot patrol is the greatest and human service in the history of mankind and you should talk to them if you need info on any girl. You know they are coming because their sirens plays XXXTentacion Yung Bratz.
Guy- Yo!Did I tell you about my new girl? She hot right?!
Freind 2- I call upon rule 188!
Freind 2 - Hey man your girl is a thot and she is going to play you hard. Don't worry I already called the thot patrol to arrest her!
*Yung Bratz plays in the distance*
Freind 2- lol rule 188
by XxPapaJohnN00bslayerxX September 24, 2018
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Official Juan day! Juan the mighty horse created the whole univers. On his balcony. A true legend. Praise the lord, praise Juan!
person 1: You know what day is it?
person 1: Ofc, It'sSeptember 188 th!
person 1: We must make a sacrifice for him!
by nemlenyegtelen May 3, 2021
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