She was born to be perfect. Nice looking and is the person where u can find the fun u want.
If ur name is Ize ur supposed to be granted with a lot of attention and be exremely hot.
Damn, that Ize looks very hot and attractive.
by Merstens Joe November 1, 2019
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Purposeful grammatical error commonly used as internet or text slang for "I am" or "I"

The usage of this "word" is similar in the usage of "haz" instead of "has" by altering letters or combining more than one word as one.
1. Ize hungry. Instead of: I'm hungry.

2. Ize a panda. Instead of: I'm a panda.

3. Ize no care. Instead of: I don't care.
by ByakkoSeishin November 15, 2011
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Short form for Isabelle.

A little Australian WHORE who has no ass and no tits and thinks she is the shit although she is dumb as fuck and her blonde hair looks like someone peed on her.

She thinks she is super cool because she suddenly does weed and fucks with every guy who has a penis.

Even her ex-boyfriends think she is going to end up as a crack-whore selling her body at street corners.. not that she's gonna make a lot of money.
She is the most disgusting thing i've ever seem.. she's such a Ize
by 3245867325676742350 February 17, 2009
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is, =
you iz all up in my shiz
by Anonymous January 27, 2003
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iz can mean 'is' or 'its'.
1 - what iz yo name?
2 - iz all good
by xxsweetGxx May 2, 2007
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she's really nice. she likes to get advice from others and enjoy everyone compony. She's sweet and will alway give you a reason not to be mad at her. She is an easy loved and loves easy person. She gives everyone a chance, and never will need a second chance. And cuter then she seems.
"I'm mad at you Iz!"
"Darn it I just bought you a shirt, want it anyways?"
by Awesomeness xxz November 2, 2012
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Used as a replacment for "is". Poeple use it to mock chavs or act cool in a sarcastic manner.
1.I iz cool lyke innit.
2.iz you messing with me?
3.I iz cool.
by Aiden Lee November 7, 2005
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