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Tah is the first word spoken by man. It was an expression of excitement.
A primitive man sees a beautiful primitive woman and expresses his excitement with the now famous word: "Tah"

A primitive and very hungry hunter sees a mammoth, runs back to his friends and screams 'TAH!' to let them know that he saw something delicious.
by Nightbreed666 April 30, 2009

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A little and not so bright man with an influential father. Without his father he would be a nobody.
Bill to John: You're gay.
John to Bill: Shut up, you're such a Bush.
Bill to John: Take that back or I will tell my father.
by Nightbreed666 April 30, 2009

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Bad Cocaïne which contains more baking powder than pure Cocaïne.
Damn, I can't get high on this Locaïne.

With this locaïne you can better bake some cookies for children, it's crap!
by Nightbreed666 May 01, 2009

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A white powder which is sold as cocaïne by swindlers. A lot a youngsters unknowingly buy nocaïne the first few times. Nocaïne is baking powder most of the times.
Dave: I got some cocaïne, wanna try some?
Al: Sure... What the fuck, you have been ripped off.
Dave: What do you mean?
Al: This ain't cocaïne my friend, this is nocaïne.
by Nightbreed666 May 01, 2009

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Wowly is a combination of the two words 'wow' and 'holy'.
Wowly, she looks hot today.

Wowly shit, I just saw her nipple dude.
by Nightbreed666 May 19, 2009

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A wurzel is a long but thin penis. In the german language wurzel means carrot, and we al know the shape of carrots.
Be realistic dude, with a wurzel you can never become a pornstar.
by Nightbreed666 April 29, 2009

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Schnaz is another word for pussy, vagina, cunt.
Ohw my god, you should shave your schnaz baby!

Wow, that's a beautiful schnaz.

I love to eat the schnaz of my girlfriend in the morning.
by Nightbreed666 April 28, 2009

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