Man, Jerry laid his big old Wurst across my face last night while I was asleep.
by OEDlad11 May 27, 2010
Referring to something that is long and complicated, mostly used a situation.
"Dude, did you see them fighting over there, shit looks wurst!"
by wonky_d August 3, 2014
That girl you pulled was cute.

Hellz yeah, she was, gave her a proper wursting.
by Shuaman October 28, 2018
Extremely high quality (used in reference to a sausage, or a wurst). Synonyms: the best, the shit, the bomb diggity, bomb sausage
John: "This wiener is the wurst!"
Thomas: "No, I think it's the best!"
John: "That's the exact same thing as what I just said."
by Nicholas D September 10, 2018
the german word for sausage
also a word that can be generally used to describe things/persons whose name you can't recall
can also be used like "blah" or as an insult
"This... what's it called... wurst... whatever did blablabla"

p1> "I have ops on this channel, respect me"
p2> "wurst"

"du wurst!"
by tciny February 4, 2004
If I go back in time and do myself, am I my own wurst enema?
by Varkarrus April 4, 2013
Two girls making sweet sweet love with a bratwurst or another kind of wurst.
What Ike loves most is watching girls doing the wurst action!
by Lorapls January 19, 2013