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Prononciation like "what tough"
Straight meanings:

World Trade Footage
World Trade Falsehood
World Trade Fancy
World Trade Fiction
World Trade fabrication
World Trade Fibing

1.An elaborate fabricated story on purpose to dissimulate the truth, to misinform listeners or viewers and to mislead them.

2. A lie, a fiction, a falsification of truth.
3. A topass, a boobass, a show-up girl or woman, a bitch
1. Coastello:
"Say Abee, how'bout Jo Mac Cain million followers on Twister?

"Wtf***, machine collectors 24/24-7/7!"

2. Coastello:
" Ab, guess what? Chelsee wants to commit suicide!?"


3. Abwoat:
"That Chelsee girl... what a Wtf*** she is. No shit, one should train seriously to get to that level of stress without brain failure. She wrote a tweet telling the whole world she saw two alliens with suitcases trying to burglarize her neighbour's house. That she called nine-one-one but not even one showed up."

"Holy Book, she must be a shaïtantologist... did she voted for Hillary Clinton again?Dam bitch!"
by Slangherinthenight August 02, 2009
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