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Specifically, an individual whose car moves approximately one tenth of the speed it should be moving at.

These people may be found pulling out in front of you for no goddamn reason and slamming on their brakes. Such an event may prompt outbursts of wtf or "you flaming cuntwaffle."

When applied in general usage, the term can refer to any jerk or asshole.
"(whistling to self while driving)...JESUS! What the FUCK! Goddamn.... goddamn pokey SLOWFUCK!"

"Yeah, that guy's such a ... he's such a pokey slowfuck."
"Pokey slowfuck?"
"...yeah. What?"
by chalupamonk June 08, 2004
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(Intended as an addendum to andyaml's already great definition)

Another popular workaround of the STFY misinterpretation is the new catchphrase "Shut the fuck you," combining perhaps two of the most potent online threats for a salient, comical and effective deterrent.
<TrendyHipster> Hey you, guy.
<Guy> what
<TrendyHipster> SHUT THE FUCK YOU
<Wallflower> Hey, that guy's pretty trendy
<Wallflower(1)> Yeah, and hip, too!
by chalupamonk June 24, 2004
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Generally stands for 'What the fuck'. Most people use a question mark afterwards to get the point through. Rather than using the same term for the other 'w's, who, when, where, and why, it makes more sense to actually state the word and follow it with 'tf'

Capitalization doesn't really matter.
This term can also be likened to 'What the shit?' which is more comical and has a tantamount meaning.

by chalupamonk March 03, 2003
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