Who the fuck are you to be "the wrong person?" You aren't shit. Your kids aren't shit. Go fuck yourselves.
Hym "You need to humble yourself with all that wrong person shit. You aren't the wrong person for anything. Go fuck yourself."
by Hym Iam April 5, 2023
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What most girls use as an excuse to text a guy after "accidentally" texting salutations via text message.
-"Hey :)"...Two minutes later... "Sorry wrong person"
-"lol thats okay, whats up?"
by JohnnyBravo9694 February 20, 2011
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When you're texting two people and you accidently send the wrong text to the other person. Such as, when you're texting your BFF and then your crush texts you and you send your crush the text you meant for your BFF.
(Through texts)

Me: Hey, Mandy.

Mandy: Hey, girl, what's up?

Me: So, I was thinking about taking my relationship to the next level with Jake...

Jake: Really? I've been waiting lol

*me: I'm so embarassed! That was the right text, wrong person!*
by PrincessR November 24, 2009
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When two people (presumably soulmates) are made for each other but were not able to get together due to unfortunate circumstance.
A: Wow, did you see how strong Dazai and Oda’s bond was in Bungou Stray Dogs?
B: Yeah, it sucks that they ended up acting out the right person, wrong time trope.
by mlksm May 12, 2021
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A: Did you hear that Jentzen and Elliana got back together?
B: Yes! They are 100% the definition of the right person, wrong time.
by frostedcupcake December 31, 2022
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Jack: "Did you see David and Liza broke up?"
Sam: "Yeah, must've been the right person wrong time."
by Gmuffin December 9, 2020
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1) In a safer environment, someone who will go tell the boss on you so that they can get you in trouble 2) In a more dangerous environment, someone who will get physically violent with you
1) The other day, she vented to the wrong person. Now she’s in trouble and might get fired.

2) He thinks he can talk to everybody however he wants, but one day he’s going to piss off the wrong person.
by SiL3Nt J September 22, 2023
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