The sexiest mother fucker to grace the planet with a dash of suicidal maniac.
Dazai... that’s it that’s the example
by Aimee Osamu June 11, 2019
If someone called you dazai that means they want to have shameless hardcore anal sex with you and you are a suicidal maniac a hot one the hottest suicidal maniac 🤤
by Cum dazai cum October 4, 2021
The sexiest man alive. His cock is so big and juicy.
Dazai can rail me
by Aoi? March 31, 2021
if i see another definition of this man saying this man has a massive dick i will end it all
he's based off of an author (who goes by the same name) if you didn't already know. in fact everyone in the show is based off of authors
person 1: i will literally kms if i see another urban dictionary definition saying dazai has a massive dick and should rail them
person 2: we can do the double suicide he sings about because i just saw another
by existing_gaylien November 16, 2021
THE SEXIEST MOFO ALIVEEEEEE!!!!! A gay who will aboslitely destroy your heart with one look of his orbs
He’s fucking chuuya because he’s also known as daddy Dazai
If someone calls you a Dazai it means they are extremely attracted to you and want to have hardcore anal sex with you! They also think you’re penis is a foot long!
“Wow you’re such a dazai! “
“.......should I get the lube?”
by king girl coochie February 12, 2021