The sexiest mother fucker to grace the planet with a dash of suicidal maniac.
Dazai... that’s it that’s the example
by Aimee Osamu June 11, 2019
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THE SEXIEST MOFO ALIVEEEEEE!!!!! A gay who will aboslitely destroy your heart with one look of his orbs
He’s fucking chuuya because he’s also known as daddy Dazai
If someone calls you a Dazai it means they are extremely attracted to you and want to have hardcore anal sex with you! They also think you’re penis is a foot long!
“Wow you’re such a dazai! “
“.......should I get the lube?”
by king girl coochie February 12, 2021
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The hottest mf alive he rails people really good and has the biggest juiciest cock I've ever seen
Dazai railed me
by Aoi? March 30, 2021
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Osamu Dazai, japanese author who was looking for the perfect suicide with his loved one.

Also a character in the japanese anime series 'Bungou stray dogs', where he's portrayed as a funny person, acting really crazy and at any occasion trying to commit suicide in the most unsuitable situations.
'I really wanna have my Dazai Moment'
= i really wanna kill myself
by Dazaichan February 22, 2017
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