Salutations are fancy greetings very rarely used in today's world. Most people who say "salutations" are laughed at or made fun of, but it is still a really cool way to say hello.
by Lord Razzola September 6, 2006
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An amazing word that can be used both on meeting and on leaving.
(1) Someone walks up to another person. "Salutations."

(2) "Salutations." Someone then walks away from another person.
by The Bruhness is over 9000 December 15, 2016
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Informal French greeting, equivalent to the English "hi."
"Hey, there!"
by WeluvTwinkie February 22, 2005
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extremely fucked up or high off weed, pills, or alcohol
Person A: How you feeling man?

Person B: Dude I'm saluted...
by 803 cKc January 27, 2009
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To say hello to someone or greet them, a situation in which a person may say "salutations." Using this word is perfect in all situations, as it sounds inherently dirty and will often be initially interpreted as such.
See that girl over there? I totally want to salutate her.
I'll be sure to salutate your grandfather tonight at the party.
by MrMcMister October 17, 2010
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A form of greeting used when "hey" "hi" or "wazzup" just aren't good enough.
by Drica-Chan July 19, 2006
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(literally: "to your health")

cheers (said before drinking)
bless you (said after sneezing)

Many Italians say this. The actual proper phrase should be "Alla Salute," but everyone usually says "Salute" or "Al Salute"
(When raising your glass)

Guy 1: Here is to Joe. SALUTE!
Everyone else: SALUTE!
by Newyorkgreg November 27, 2010
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