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Elliana is the best person you could ever meet, she is a weird person, she can make you laugh, she has the funniest jokes(sometimes) and she does the weirdest and craziest things. Elliana is a beautiful , athletic, strong, smart and funny girl. She will do things that are so random. She is like no other person but just like everyone she has her flaws, she doesn’t like to open up much. But you got to love her there’s no reason not to.
Jay: Hey, I just saw Elliana playing flag football!
Tim: Girls don’t play football.
Jay: Elliana does and she’s better then you!
Tim: WOW thanks jay so you’re saying I play like a girl?!
Jay:But not like Elliana!!
by HubbaNubba3 December 01, 2017
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The best person you will ever meet. She is stunningly beautiful.In the back of your mind with out even realizing it you are thinking about her. And no , she's not a wannabe she's just simply someone who loves ganging out with her friends.
Person: Dude did you see Elliana today?
Other Person : Ya. She gets on my nerves though.
Person: Why? Jealous?
Other Person : Maybe a little.
by ShadowWolf360 March 26, 2017
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Elliana. Oh where to begin! If you found yourself one.... hold on to her tight! the actual definition is “god has answered/responded.” And yes he sure did with a beautiful, caring, and supportive angle. Ellianas will be sure to please you on numerous levels, both sexually and emotionally. Ellianas are good girls but aren’t afraid to be bad when they wanna be ;)! Ellianas are wonderful human beings who always give and not take. they will be your biggest supporter no matter what path you choose. and although they seem quite amazing they have their flaws too. Ellianas are very hard to get to open up. they like to shelter their feelings for fear of getting hurt even more. but i promise, once you find one you’ll have no problem getting them to open up as long as you promise them love and happiness. Ellianas are truly the most amazing women like angles in the world. now hold on to yours tight!
man1: “hey have you seen Elliana today”

man2: “oh you mean that beautiful and sexy angel over there?”

man1: “yeah that’s her!”
by firecracker277 May 21, 2018
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