A descriptive word for Somebody whom u love that creates more pain than joy to your emotional or physical self.
I love you, you're absolutely Wounderful!
by Larry Teach December 26, 2017
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A person who'm impedes upon ones normal course of activity. Similar to Pests and Punishers.
"Jeez lenny was steamed last night and wouldn't leave that girl alone"

"Totally! what a massive wounder!"
by isheeeee? December 14, 2018
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When something is bad!
Bruce has destoyed his clutch again, wounder
by Dan August 20, 2003
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wondering with the express purpose of inflicting emotional wounds
by strages August 31, 2007
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to ponder and be hurt by at the same time.
We are woundering if this makes any sense!
by joeschmoe81 August 9, 2006
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A male that has no back bone. Dose not stand up for himself. Acts like a bitch.
What a sackless wounder that guy was. Bet he has to sit when he pees.
by LOOK AT THAT MELON November 22, 2011
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When you wonder what kind of wound is under someones bandage
I was in the emergency room when the ambulance brought a guy in with bloody bandages around his head ... Woundering
by badspeeler May 17, 2013
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