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Meeting someone to worm your way into their pants
Dan: Emily have you seen Holly?

Emily: No I havenโ€™t, I think sheโ€™s out worming again
by Wormboy February 10, 2019
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(v)- The popular Japanese fad of sexually stimulating a partner by applying the tongue to the other's eyeball
Person 1: Look at those people worming!
Person 2: Stop staring, freak....
by incessantwormer July 05, 2013
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The act of licking another person's eyeball(s) for erotic gratification.
Usually practiced by those with oculolinctus (or eyeball-licking fetishism).

There's actually recently been some controversy about it cause it can, like, spread diseases and really fuck up your eyeball and shit.

Derek: Dude, I think I'm gonna break up with Suzy.
Tim: What, why? She's so hawt.
Derek: Yeah, but we were messing around last night and she started worming me.
Tim: Gross, can't you get conjuctivitis from that or something?
Derek: And it could have totally given me a corneal ulcer.
Tim: Weird
by suzyistotallyahawtmaddafukka October 13, 2013
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The act of flirting or making a move on somebody fit. Preferably whilst consuming alcohol and in a large group of friends.
The phrase could also be sent silently via wriggling the index finger in the direction of a potential mating partner.
John: Phwoarrrr, look at that bird!
Dave: She's mega hot.
Fred: I'll give Worming on her a go!!

Remainder of friends cheer and shout "WORM ON"!
by JaRyMaKy July 02, 2012
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Trying to join in something, that your not supposed to be in or not invited to, but you keep trying to wriggle in like a worm. (worming into pictures can be very fun and rewarding)
"Stop trying to worm your way into the party, your not invited!" Or,(Laurence dives in the background of the picture) Laurence! Piss off and stop worming your way into somebodys elses picture."
by Laurence Greenhalgh October 25, 2007
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An action word denoting the time wasting activities one engages in while at work.
In a chat:
Person A: "Hey man what are you doing?"
Person B: "Ahhh nothing too much man just worming right now."
Person A: "Slow day huh?"
by TheTrueMzungu July 10, 2012
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