Frequent Missspelling of the word reminder as used by my Friend Shyam.
Remainder to all Problems and their definitions have to be sent by today EOD.
by Shyam Remainder May 18, 2011
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to be left after the removal, loss, destruction
(this is TOTALLY how you spell it!)
Jimmy: Hey how many cookies are remainding?
bobby: you mean remaining?
Jimmy: NO! I mean REMAINDING; It's a WORD
by wahale February 16, 2011
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1. your life will be remaind.
2. remaind!!! BITCH!!!
3. just want to remaind you guys that we have lots of left over problems to discuss.
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A game used to determine who gets to sit shotgun in a car. Basically you pick a number between zero and the number one less than the number of people who are playing. Then everyone throws out a number in that range, and whoever's original number matches the remainder when the sum of the thrown numbers is divided by the number of people playing, wins. It's a really dumb game, and that tool bag Nicholas D claims to have invented it.
Nick D: "Shotty!"
Nicholas D: "No, let's play remainders of fun for it."
Nick D: "I already called shotty."
Nicholas D: "So what? Let's play."
Nick D: "Shotty is french for 'let me sit fucking shotgun before I shoot you with a fucking shotgun'."
Nicholas D: "OK, I'll just sit bitch."
Nick D: "You would."
by Nick D May 23, 2004
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A friend who is a little broken, maybe they have a mental or physical disability or disease, but you still love them and are happy that they exist.

Originated from the last crumpled oreo in the package
She'll be okay. She's just a bit of a remainder biscuit and needs a moment.
by Asexualhoe December 04, 2019
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