A woman with whom you work, whose proximity and frequent interaction leads to her becoming your primary female companion during work hours. She will become a substitute for your wife while you are at work, providing companionship and support, but without the emotional and sexual elements. For a time. You will eventually develop a huge crush on her, but will think you've kept it hidden. You haven't -everyone at work will think it's obvious.
Drone 1: Mr W and Mrs C really seem to make a good team.

Drone 2: Yeah, she's his work wife. He'd be lost without her.

Drone 1: Oh, she's just his work wife? So there's nothing going on there?

Drone 2 : No. But he wishes there was. So bad.
by Words Writer May 25, 2018
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The coworker of your preference that makes working the overnight shift tolerable. A funny, beautiful, witty, and entertaining female counterpart in the work place.
If it wasn’t for my work wife, I would quit working in this hell hole.
by Tuffmuff February 7, 2020
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That person at work (same or opposite sex) that takes the place of your "at home" spouse while you are at work (no sexual relationship is part of this being!) You talk with, connect to, and relate to this person as good as or better than your "at home" spouse with regards to all things work related.
While at the monthly incentive meeting, my work wife, Ryan and I shared an inside joke about how bad our boss' suit was..what the hell was that stain and how did it get there?
by M.E. Baumer April 11, 2006
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Your closest female friend at work. Her motive is friendship, not pay. This is typically a non-sexual relationship.
I was running so late this morning that I didn't get my usual bagel. Thank God my work-wife brought me some Micky D's.
by Daniel Roberts December 23, 2004
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a person of the opposite sex with whom you spend most of your work day.
Oh yeah, Maria, she's my work wife. All we do is argue all day and then I have to make up for it by buying her chocolate at the grocery store.
by Pleasure April 27, 2006
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A symbolic marriage between two co-workers within the same employment facility that carries all the pain and suffering of a real marriage without any of the fringe benefits.
Matt's work wife, Emily, is always yelling at him and expecting him to buy her shiny expensive things.
by Tim in Sedro September 2, 2010
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while at his place of employment a man has a less physically apt subordinate employee that is just as needy of his time, resources, and energy as is his wife at home.

a non-sexual relationship where an employee relies on his boss for multiple aspects of assistance while at work and sometimes beyond. often results in physical acts of assistance such as lifting heavy objects, opening tough jar lids, and in lengthy sessions of advice or guidance.
Employee: "Hey Boss, can you separate these parts for me? They're really stuck together, and I can't get them apart."

Boss...loosens parts and hands back to employee: "Here you go."

Other employee: "What's that all about, Boss?"

Boss: "Oh, I have to open things like that all the time for him. It's like he's my work-wife."
by thehomewife March 24, 2010
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