(after looking at someone who's just been through a drivethrough)
Why is he driving from Micky D's?
by natwel February 5, 2008
A horrible evil company which is basically a processed filth food factory which no real food can be found in.

Everything from bugs/rats/dead animals can be found and accepted in their meat to a certain level.

NOTHING they make is real, NOTHING. Their chicken nuggets are more than 50% corn, their breads/everything else is full of fake chemicals, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS.
Micky D’s is an evil and disgraceful company, it looks like a company Leon Trotsky and Genrikh Yagoda would make if they made fast food.
Nickname for McDonald's, the world's largest fast food chain.
Let's hit up Mickie D's on the way home.
by Mavericklax4 March 27, 2007
Ayo bro you wanna run and get sum “Micky D’s”
by 2AMDONTCALLME October 4, 2022